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Digitech GSP 5 Guitar Processor w/Footswitch  -  $99.99

This unit is in good condition. Comes with Manual and Power Supply.


​Digitech’s GSP 5 is a digital multiple effect signal processor for the guitar. It is able to do up to five digital effects at the same time. The GSP 5will do such effects as digital distortion, reverbs, delays, chorusing,  flanging, equalization and other special effects. All of the effects are fully programmable and able to be controlledwith MIDI. 99 PROGRAM memory slots let you have lots of different soundspre-programmed and ready to play. The GSP 5 comes with excellent sounding factory presets which you may use or change to suit your tastes. The GSP 5 has Digital Tube™distortion, a digitally simulated tube-like distortion, that sounds like the smoothest of tube amplifiers or can be programmed to bite the heaviest metal.

One of the unique features of the GSP 5 is a Amplifier Voicing feature that simulates the sound of several different amplifiers or amplifier “voicings” so you can feed a mixer directly and have that sound of an amplifier. Or you can switch the GSP 5 so that itsresponse is flat so you can feed an amplifier.

Two footswitch jacks on the back let you use the three button footswitch provided with the GSP 5 to remotely control it. The GSP 5 may be programmed so that you can control nearly any of the functions of the unit. Ifyou use a second three button footswitch (DigiTech model number: FS 300) with the provided one, you can control even more of the GSP 5’s functions with your foot. No MIDI needed.

The digitally derived distortion ranges from a clean overdrive sound toa nasty metal distortion. The ability to program the GSP 5 means you can create and keep the sounds you like – up to 99 of them.

For the player using MIDI, the GSP 5 allows full MIDI control. Using the DigiTech PDS 3500 MIDI Pedal and DOD’s FX 17 Wah/volume Controller Pedal,you can have real-time MIDI control of the parameters of the GSP 5.