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DigiTech Trio Band Creator + Looper  -  $219.99

This pedal is in very good condition.  Missing Power Supply.  Comes with Original Box.

From the Manufacturer:

The DigiTech Trio+ band creator and looper pedal is one of the most powerful practice, writing, and performance tools a guitarist can ask for. The basis of the pedal is DigiTech's popular Trio technology that listens to your playing and automatically plays bass and drum accompaniment. But the DigiTech Trio+ offers five additional genres for getting the right feel. An onboard looper lets you lay down rhythm guitar parts for each loop. And the DigiTech Trio+ lets you store and sequence these loops any way you choose to build full songs for your performances.

*Band creation and looper pedal in one
*Same great performance options as the original Trio pedal
*Supports 4/4 and 3/4 timing
*5 additional genres of band creation
*5-step sequencer for performing whole songs
*Built-in looper lets you lay down guitar ideas on the fly
*Dial in your tone with the effects loop
*Record your songs and loops with the SD card slot