Break into bass with the EC8, the ultimate introduction to Eden tone. A uniquely designed power amp maximizes the headroom in a small space. Perfect your bassline without disturbing the neighbors using the headphone output. The EC8 is lightweight and convenient for you to use at home and for warming up.  The punchy 8” speaker brings bass to the forefront and emphasizes every note with a clean and defined sound.  Manage your EQ using the tone control and find the Eden sound for you with the Eden enhance control.  Using the stereo output you can play along to your tune of the week or create your very own mash up.

Linear power supply and linear amplifier
Output wattage  :  20w
Outputs  :  1 x 1/4" jack headphone output
Inputs  :  1 x 1/4" jack instrument input, 1 x 3.5mm aux input
Controls  :  Input gain control, enhance EQ sweep, tone control
Speaker configuration  :  1 x 8"

Eden Bass Combo  -  $99.99

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814 - 472 - 4900

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