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Rebel-30 MKII Head is the next generation of the Rebel 30 with the features you’ve been asking for. We’ve upped the gain on channel 2 and given it a more aggressive tone and feel. Channel has even more clean headroom with a lower noise floor. Of course, we’ve  kept the unique  Egnater features such as the TUBE MIX knob, giving you access to an incredible variety of tones from American to British and the silent record mode that actually replaces the speaker with an internal load so all the great power tube character is retained.  Channel 1 delivers rich cleans with controls for volume, treble and bass. Channel 2 dishes out powerful, touch-responsive overdrive with treble, middle and bass EQ, as well as a wide-range gain knob that takes you from growl to scream. Both channels feature Egnater’s signature BRIGHT and TIGHT switches and each channel has its own WATTS knob so you can access both low-wattage crunch and serious clean headroom, or any combination between 1 to 30 watts.

Under the hood you will find the new Elite Transformers with substantially greater headroom and industrial grade red FR4 glass epoxy circuit boards with beefed up copper traces to name just a few of the improvements.

The REBEL-30 MARK II back panel holds more welcome surprises, such as independent REVERB controls for each channel and a tone-preserving series effects loop. The speaker-emulated line out lets you go directly to the board live or in the studio. Set the standby switch to ‘Silent Record’ for great direct-recorded tones that spare both your ears and your neighbors. A dual-function footswitch for channel selection and reverb on/off is included. Combine the Rebel-30 Head with a pair of Rebel-112x cabs for a perfect mini-stack.

Egnater Rebel 30 Mark II  -  $799.99

Egnater Rebel-30 Mark II 30-watt 2-channel All-Tube Guitar Amp Head Features:

All-tube amp head with a small footprint
Upgraded and redesigned for higher gain
Industrial-grade circuit boards and Elite transformers that offer higher headroom
Redesigned amp channels for higher clean headroom and more gain
Tube Mix blends 6V6 and EL84 power tubes
Variable wattage control (per channel) from 1 watt to 30 watts
Individual reverb on each channel with spillover
XLR direct record output with play and silent recording mode
Tight and bright voicing switches
Independent reverb controls for each channel
Buffered effects loop
Footswitch (included) for channel select and reverb on/off
Roadworthy birch plywood construction
Rugged cover/carrying bag included