Epiphone Limited-edition 1939 Century Amp w/Single Button Footswitch  -  OUT OF STOCK

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Watts:  18
Speaker:  12” Electar
Weight:  21.35lbs
Dimensions:  20.25” x 17” x 10.75”
Electronics:  All-tube Class A/B
Controls:  Master Volume with push/pull boost
Master Tone
Inputs ¼” Bright, Normal, Dark
Power On/Off
  Internal Bias Adjustment

An Epiphone classic for the 21st century
The Ltd. Edition 75th Anniversary Inspired by “1939” Century Amp is a modern 18-watt all-tube, guitar amplifier with a 12” speaker that revives an Art Deco era masterpiece from Epiphone’s early days in Manhattan.

The Epiphone “1939” Century is a faithful replica of the classic 1930s era cabinet design including bent rims, an all-metal handle, 6-point star screws, and vintage style grill cloth but with newly designed all-tube electronics. Plus, the “1939” Century includes three uniquely voiced inputs and an internal bias adjustment for further tone control.

In the late 30s, Epiphone was already blazing a trail for what founder Epi Stathopoulo saw as the future—the electric guitar. And now in the 21st century, the “1939” Century Amp returns with a modern all-tube amp design with a powerful, full-toned 12” Electar speaker in a compact, easy-to-carry, cabinet that has been featured in every vintage guitar book!