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Fender Frontman 212R w/Cover  -  $249.99

This amp is in very good condition with light wear from use.  Comes with Cover.

From the Manufacturer:

​​Whether jamming in the garage or gigging around town, the Fender Frontman 212R is an amazing deal on a powerful tone machine. Fender's legacy for reliable amps with incredible sound is brought to this 100-watt wonder, which includes many of the same features of its bigger brothers in the Fender guitar amp line. With dual 12-inch drivers churning out 100 watts of solid-state power, the Frontman 212R is an outstanding choice for players in need of a versatile amp responsive enough for practice but powerful enough to fill small- to mid-sized venues.

Three Versatile ChannelsThe Fender Frontman 212R combines the classic sound of a Fender guitar amp with a great set of modern, tone-enhancing features. Foremost, the 212R includes three selectable audio channels to dial-in a full range of tones from crystal-clear cleans to thunderous distortion. The normal channel produces classic Fender clean tones with a volume control, three-band EQ, and enough shimmering warmth to function as a great jazz amp. The drive channel kicks the Frontman 212R into its first gear of edgy rock madness with a variable drive control to bring in any amount of overdrive. The additional 'more drive' channel kicks the fury up another notch, and offers a huge range of saturated overdrive tones ideal for metal and other heavier genres. Select between each channel and bring forth the exact right amount of distortion to match any genre and style.