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Horizon Precision Drive  -  $159.99

This pedal is in very good condition.  Comes with Original Box.

From the Manufacturer:

Never worry about fighting your tone or your gear again with the Precision Drive, the first modern overdrive made by guitar players for guitar players. The Precision Drive can take any set-up, both tube and digital, and turn it into the perfect modern metal rig with its precise tonal carving controls.

6 on the Precision drive is roughly equal to 10 on a Tubescreamer. Start with the volume at noon.

Start at 0 then slowly turn the drive knob up to around 1-2 until you get the level of saturation you’d like.
Towards the left is more of a lower mids punch. To the right can get you very defined, pick-y, and modern tones.
All the way left gives you a very loose, subtle gate. All the way right gives you a fast, hard, and modern gate.

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814 - 472 - 4900