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Top: Solid Red Cedar
Back&Sides: Khaya
Bridge: Brown Brankowood
Bracing: X
Cutaway: Yes


Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Brown BrankoWood
Radius: 350 mm
Truss Rod: Double-action
Types of frets: Medium Silver Nickel
Nut Width; 43 mm
Nut: Black graphite wedge
Scale (mm): 650 mm


Electronics: HyVibe System
Hardware: Satin black
Original Strings: Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53
Cover/case: Padded cover


The Lâg THV10DCE showcases a premium selection of woods, with a top made from Solid Red Cedar and back and sides constructed of Khaya Mahogany. The fingerboard and bridge are crafted from Brown BrankoWood, enhancing the visual appeal and tonal quality of the guitar. The satin finish adds to the guitar's elegant appearance and smooth feel. Starting with high quality materials, this guitars is taken to the next level with the addition of HyVibe Smart Technology.

HyVibe System:

Fitted with the groundbreaking HyVibe system, the THV10DCE enables musicians to add effects such as reverb, chorus, and delay directly to the natural acoustic sound without any external devices. The HyVibe system can be controlled through a mobile app, giving the musician total control over their sound. The HyVibe System comes with lots of different features that will make you go deeper into your sound:

A built-in FX processor with 8 acoustically generated effects including reverb, chorus, delay, tremolo, distortion, and more.
A looper functionality.
An HyVibe Mobile App that allows you to build custom banks by combining several effects and tweaking much more parameters than on the guitar alone.
A Bluetooth speaker functionality with Hi-Fi quality sound.
Standard output and input jacks.
Lithium battery lasting more than 10 hours while playing.
USB-C charger included.

Design and Features:

With the iconic Lâg headstock, black graphite nut, saddle, and bridge pins, the THV10DCE upholds the visual aesthetics and functionality for which Lâg Guitars are known. The guitar's unique rosette design and high-quality die-cast tuners add to its distinct appearance.

Additional Features:

The THV10DCE cutaway design allows for easy access to the higher frets, providing more playing options for the guitarist. The guitar also includes a luxury gigbag to protect your instrument on the road.

The Lâg THV10DCE dreadnought cutaway electro acoustic guitar stands as a testament to Lâg's innovative design and commitment to quality. With its beautiful materials, advanced HyVibe system, and functional features, it is a premier choice for musicians looking to enhance their sound and playing experience. Whether for a stage performance or an intimate acoustic session, the THV10DCE offers a dynamic range and functionality that resonates with the passion of music.

Lag HyVibe THV10DCE-LB Dreadnaught  -  $1,299.99

The Lâg THV10DCE is a dreadnought cutaway electro acoustic guitar that exhibits a fusion of premium materials and cutting-edge technology. Crafted with Solid Red Cedar, Khaya Mahogany, and Brown BrankoWood, it ensures both visual elegance and superb sound quality. The groundbreaking HyVibe system offers a wide range of built-in effects and functionalities, controllable through a mobile app as well as on the guitar itself. With unique design features, a convenient cutaway design, and an included luxury gigbag, the THV10DCE embodies Lâg's innovation and commitment to quality, catering to musicians who seek to enhance their sound and playing experience.