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This amp is in excellent condition.  Comes with FBV Short Board.

From the Manufacturer:

Vetta Combo Features

Complete No-Compromise Guitar System. Rig Functionality, Combo Portability.
Incredibly toneful, next generation amp models. The best we've ever done.
Unique Line 6 features like Two Amps At Once and Double Tracker, combined with a built-in collection of vintage stompboxes and studio gear, give you a live sound previously available only in the studio.
Revolutionary power amp design duplicates the punch and feel of the greatest amps.
Intuitive and comprehensive pedal board for total control of amps, stompboxes, and effects.
Wet/Dry Cabinet Support
Direct XLR outputs
Programmable stereo effects loop
Flash upgradable software
100 Watts Stereo (conservatively rated)
2x12" Custom Celestion Speaker
65 lbs. (30kg)
29"W x 20"H x 10.1"D (74cm x 51cm x 26cm)Add an FBV Pedal Board:

Dedicated channel switches
Dedicated effects on/off switches
Large name display
Wah pedal with toe switch on/off
Volume pedal
Chromatic digital tuner
Tap Tempo
No wall-wart—powered by Vetta

Line 6 Vetta Combo w/FBV Short Board  -  $299.99

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