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This unit is in very good condition.


When Mackie introduced thier FR Series(tm) High Current Power Amplifiers some folks went, "Huh Power amps from Mackie" After all, they've mostly been known for their precision, studio quality mixers.

Three years later, the "Huh's" have turned to "WOW!'s." FR Series amps are everywhere! And with good reason. They've racked up a strong record of reliability in demanding sound reinforcement applications. And tens of thousands of satisfied owners have come to appreciate FR Series sound quality and extra system-enhancing features. Now they've proliferated inside the powered mixers, active sound reinforcement speakers, and Mackie's industry-standard HR824 near-field studio monitors.

FR Series power amps don't pull power out of the ozone or switch on and off a gazillion times a second. They're traditional "lead sled" designs with massive toroid transformers, huge storage capacitors, state-of-the-art output devices, and cooling systems that outperform all amps in their price ranges. They deliver enormous amounts of current into extremely low impedances -- and they have dynamic power reserves to spare. The reason FR Series amps are so affordable is because of Mackie's huge investment in automated manufacturing technology, not because they cut any corners.

Cutting to the chase: FR power amps sound better than their competition when driven into clipping (overload). Since that's how 99 out of every hundred PA systems are usually operated, this is a major point.

Mackie M1400i Power Amp  -  $169.99