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Lemon Oil by D'Addario is a natural cleaner and conditioner formulated to remove dirt, grease and build-up from unfinished woods on all string instruments. It's particularly recommended for use on fretboards and unfinished woods. Lemon Oil also helps to condition your instrument to resist dryness which can prevent cracks and extend its life. Natural cleaner and conditioner protects your guitar

Untreated polishing cloth by Planet Waves. Made from double-napped cotton flannel. Picks up more dirt than ordinary cloths and lasts longer.

Daddario Napped Cotton Polishing Cloth - $4.99

Cleans totally and quickly, restoring finish to its original luster
Leaves a microthin, stain-resistant layer that won't build up
Perfect for daily use
Dunlop; guitar; cleaner

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Daddario Lemon Oil - $3.99

Dunlop 65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner 4oz  -  $5.99

Gibson Guitar Polish  -  $6.99

Any musician knows that regular maintenance is a must when it comes to your cherished musical instrument. Gibson's Guitar Polish is specially designed to keep your instrument of choice – be it guitar, banjo or mandolin –clean and beautiful.