Mahalo Java MJ33TS Tenor Ukulele w/Bag -  $79.99

Mahalo Java Soprano Ukulele w/Bag -  $59.99

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic/Electric  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone EB-0 Bass  -  OUT OF STOCK


Gretsch G2210 Streamliner Junior JetClub  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone DR-100 Ebony  -  OUT OF STOCK

Jackson X Series Kelly KEX,  Gloss Black  -  OUT OF STOCK


Epiphone AJ-210CE Outfit w/Hard Shell Case - $299.99

Jackson JS3Q Concert Bass Trans Black   -  OUT OF STOCK

Gretsch G2622T Streamline Center Block with Bigsby-Riviera Blue  -  OUT OF STOCK

Gretsch G5222 Electromatic Double Jet BT with V-Stoptail, Aged Natural  -  OUT OF STOCK

Kramer SM-1 Candy Red  -  $949.99

Epiphone Les Paul Standard / Metallic Gold  -  OUT OF STOCK

Gretsch G2210 Streamliner Junior Jet Club-Imperial Stain  -  $299.99

Gretsch G2420 Hollow Body Single Cut  Aged Brooklyn Burst  -  OUT OF STOCK

Kramer Pacer Vintage Orange Burst w/ Tiger Graphic  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic -  OUT OF STOCK

Jackson Spectra Bass JS3 -  OUT OF STOCK


Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Players Pack  -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn Comfort Series G20SCE  -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn Harvest Grand Auditorium WG7SCE   -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn HB-35 Semi-Hollow Body w/Hard Shell Case  -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn ABK-A Acoustic Bass w/Gig Bag  -  $369.99

Jackson JS Series Dinky JS32,  Gloss Black  -  $299.99

Washburn T24NMK Bass w/Gig Bag  -  $699.99

Epiphone SG Standard - Heritage Cherry  -  OUT OF STOCK

Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS32Q Transparent Green Burst  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone Les Paul SL - Ebony  -  $119.99

Epiphone SG-Special VE  -  Vintage Worn Cherry  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro  -  OUT OF STOCK

Mahalo Java Series Concert Ukulele w/Bag -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn AF5K Apprentice w/HSC  - OUT OF STOCK

Washburn Comfort G10SE  -  $499.99

Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic/Electric Player Pack  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone Sheraton II Pro / Vintage Sunburst  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone Les Paul Express - Vintage Sunburst  -  $149.99

Epiphone Casino Coup Turquoise -  OUT OF STOCK

Kramer Voyager Alpine White  -  $599.99

620 W. High Street Ebensburg, Pa 15931

814 - 472 - 4900

Washburn AG40CEK  Apprentice w/HSC  -  $369.99

Epiphone Masterbuilt DR-400MCE Acoustic/Electric  - OUT OF STOCK


 Washburn Heritage D10SCE 12-String -  OUT OF STOCK

Jackson JS32TQ Dinky Dark Sunburst -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn C5CE-Acoustic/Electric Classical Nylon String  -  $199.99

Epiphone AJ-220SCE Acoustic/Electric -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn Festival EA15 Mini Jumbo A/E Tobacco Burst  -  OUT OF STOCK

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Washburn Sonamaster S1TS  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone AJ-45me Aoustic/Electric Masterbuilt  -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn Heritage D10SCE A/E -  $399.99

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50's  - OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone AJ-210CE Outfit w/Hard Shell Case -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-Top Pro  -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn Heritage F11SCE Acoustic/Electric  -  OUT OF STOCK

Mahalo Hava Series MH2 Concert Ukulele  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone EJ-200SCE Acoustic/Electric -  OUT OF STOCK

Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet Bass II Short-Scale,  Tobacco Sunburst  -  OUT OF STOCK

Washburn Sonamaster SB1P Bass -  OUT OF STOCK



Warwick Rock Bass RB Streamer Red -  $629.99

Gretsch G5655TG CB Jr Aspen Green  -  $899.99

LTD SN-200W M/STB - $399.99

Guitars n' Stuff

Kramer Focus VT-211S  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone Masterbuilt DR-500MCE Acoustic/Electric Masterbilt  -  OUT OF STOCK

Jackson  Dinky JS11, Amaranth Fingerboard, Snow White  -  OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone PR-5E Acoustic/Electric  - OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Performance Pack  -  OUT OF STOCK

Jackson  Dinky  Arch Top JS22, Satin Black  - OUT OF STOCK

Epiphone SG Special VE  -  OUT OF STOCK


Washburn Apprentice AG70CE w/HSC  -  OUT OF STOCK


Epiphone Les Paul Jr - Tobacco Burst  -  OUT OF STOCK

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Epiphone DOT  - OUT OF STOCK