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Guitars n' Stuff

Guitar Tuners

Cleaning Accessories

SKB PS-8 Pedal Board - OUT OF STOCK

Clear Voice Vocal Spray  -  $9.99

D'Addario Feedback Suppressor - $9.99

D'Addario DIY Solderless Cable Kit 

We now sell reeds, mouthpieces, cork grease and valve oil!

Guitar Peg Winders

Gotoh Machine Heads SG381 -  $45.99

D'addario Professional Power Base 

We sell single guitar stands for $13.99.

Electric Guitar Pickups - NEW

Acoustic Guitar Pickups - NEW-OUT OF STOCK

Instrument Cables

Guitar Slides

Quik Lok A304 Mic Boom Stand  -  $39.99


Guitar Posters  -  $7.99

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Guitar Pick Holders

Guitar Wireless System

Batteries / Adapters

Seymour Duncan, Gibson,
seymour duncan pickups acoustic
Seymour Duncan pickups electric guitar

We have Tung-Sol 6L6GC and Svetlana brand EL34 matched tubes available for purchase.

We also have Tung-Sol 12AX7 preamp tubes.

Stageline AS5 Amplifier/Monitor Stand  -  $54.99

Acoustic Guitar Pickups - USED

Daddario Headstand - $13.49


Guitar Strings

Guitar Strap Accessories

Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless System  -  $154.99

Electric Guitar Pickups - USED


Daddario Hand Exerciser Varigrip  -  $14.99

Hosa Adapters

Microphone Cables


Speaker Cables

Guitar Parts

Quik Lok Music Stand  -  $39.99