PW-AGL-10 Circuit Breakers Cable, 10 Feet  -  $29.99

PW-AGL-15 Circuit Breakers Cable, 15 Feet  -  $34.99

PW-AGL-20 Circuit Breakers Cable, 20 Feet  -  $39.99

Utilizing the latest in cable manufacturing technology, D’Addario’s Custom Series Braided Instrument Cables feature a coaxial oxygen-free copper conductor with two layers of impenetrable noise-rejecting shielding formulated for low capacitance. The lower cable capacitance allows your instrument’s brilliance, presence and character to be transmitted with the utmost transparency. Additionally, the nylon braiding protects the cable against abrasions, cuts and kinking. Nothing should come between your instrument and amplifier—that includes your cable.

Nickel Plated plugs for optimal signal transfer

Lifetime Warranty

Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cables

PW-CGT-10 Classic Series Instrument Cable, 10 feet  -  $18.99

PW-CGT-15 Classic Series Instrument Cable, 15 feet  -  $21.99

PW-CGT-20 Classic Series Instrument Cable, 20 feet  -  $23.99

PW-CGTRA-10 Classic Series Instrument Cable, Right Angle Plug, 10 feet  -  $19.99

PW-CGTRA-20 Classic Series Instrument Cable, Right Angle Plug, 20 feet  -  $24.99

PW-BG-10 D'Addario Custom Series Braided Instrument Cable - Tweed 10 Feet  -  $29.99

PW-BG-15 D'Addario Custom Series Braided Instrument Cable - Tweed 15 Feet  -  $34.99

PW-BG-20 D'Addario Custom Series Braided Instrument Cable - Tweed 20 Feet  -  $42.99

D'Addario Classic Series instrument cables provide the ultimate in quality and value.

In=Out Technology: Low capacitance for pure signal transparency
Molded plugs offer protection and strain relief
Shielding provides noise rejection for quiet operation
Straight-to-straight 1/4-inch plugs for standard input jacks
2-year warranty

620 W. High Street Ebensburg, Pa 15931

814 - 472 - 4900

 PW-AMSG-15 D'Addario American Stage Instrument Cable  -  15 Feet  -  $37.99

 PW-AMSG-20 D'Addario American Stage Instrument Cable  -  20 Feet  -  $45.99

D'Addario (formerly Planet Waves) American Stage Series cables are designed to reproduce the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference. Made in the USA with audiophile quality wire, the low 28pF/ft capacitance is the sweet-spot for uncolored tone and the 22AWG oxygen-free copper conductor provides exceptional signal transfer. Full coverage comes from using 95% tinned copper braiding, eliminating handling noise and rejecting interference. Using only the finest materials, custom designs and precision USA manufacturing methods, American Stage delivers a professional performance cable. The result is pure, natural tone guaranteed for life.

Planet Wave Classic Series Instrument Cable

RapcoHorizon G1-10 10 Ft. Players Series Guitar Cable -  $9.99

Black cable 0.25 inch
Low capacitance cable offers an expanded frequency response
Matte jacket PVC material is very flexible yet durable with very low memory
Pure copper conductor and shield

Planet Waves Circuit Breaker cables feature an integrated mute switch that prevents loud pops or squeals when unplugging your instrument. Simply press the button to activate the mute function, and unplug. When you're plugged in and ready to go, press the switch again to reactivate sound.  These cables utilize ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors for low capacitance and pure tone. Solderless plugs ensure a solid connection, and are easy to fix on the gig with a simple cutter and screwdriver. Two layers of shielding provide 100% coverage for superior insulation and noise rejection, making this the ultimate, high-performance cable and utilize exclusive In=Out Technology for pure signal reproduction, Planet Waves cables are built tough to withstand gigs and come with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Planet Wave Cables

Guitars n' Stuff

D'Addario American Stage Instrument Cables

 Pig Hog PH10 Tour Grade Instrument Cable  -  $14.99

1/4" - 1/4"
8mm high quality rubber outer covering
Length: 10 ft.

D'Addario Braided Instrument Cable