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Inputs: 1
Speaker configuration: 4x12"
Speaker model : Celestion G12E-60 (60w, 16Ω)
Power handling : 240w
Unit impedance : 16Ω mono

Marshall MX412AR Angled Cab  -  $649.99

Sheer power and fantastic quality, these 240w 4x12’s are compatible with most Marshall heads and are fitted with four Celestion G12E-60 speakers that can handle any genre. The simple yet iconic Marshall style is emulated in these cabinets with white logos, white piping and black fret. 

Key Features

Perfect for the road – with sturdy construction and recessed handles, the MX412 can easily cope with life on the move.

Explosive sound – there’s no denying the classic Marshall sound delivered by the MX412.

Strong tones – the Celestion speakers deliver a great bass response with a dynamic playback.

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